About us

 The official date of establishment of our construction company is considered as March 01, 2010. However, our activities actually commenced four years earlier – in 2006. On 2010 we reorganized and started to be known as NIR Construction Project LLP.

Our company successfully works in the construction markets of Atyrau, Mangistau, Aktobe, Eastern Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty regions during the lifetime of our construction of company.

NIR Construction Project is a quite young company, in a short time our company showed itself to good advantage throughout the local construction market. A wide range and high-quality services rendered attracts more customers to enjoy our well performance.

Our experienced and professional employees are realizing their activity in a company on continuing basis, members of which were approved by a process of “natural selection” within existence of company.Each employee is responsible for his specific area and quality of work performed.

All works and services are licensed. State licenses can be submitted upon request.

Huge potential of company stands on its employees, and nowadays, over 150 our workers striving for new achievements, success and stable development. Engineers, technical supervisors, management personnel and site workers is a solid foundation of us.During the years  was formed powerful, professional team of specialists who can solve the whole range of tasks for the speedy achievement of the goals.

The mechanism of LLP «NIR Construction Project» - a series of well -established processes close relationship which provides smooth and uninterrupted performance of the sheer volume of work. Without dwelling on the achievements , we continue to develop the scope of its activities , based on such well-known landmarks as the high quality and the best turnaround time.

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